MOM and Me...What a great team!!!!

MOM and Me...What a great team!!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Welcome to the Hot Summer!

Mom and I have taken some time off to enjoy the summer days and swim time at the lake. My kids are fish and would stay in the water all day long if I would let them...I hope that you have a place to go when the temperature hits the 100's. My mom and (silent partner) dad were able to take a trip to visit my little sister out in Idaho. We are all so proud of her because she actually camped! (Believe me that is not her kind of thing...) But they got to visit and rest out in the beautiful northwest where there is little humidity.  With all of this summer fun, we are always looking and are some items we found on our last excursion out in the country!
Found this great big bucket of type tray letters ...after digging and ending up with black hands, I was able to spell out this:
What a great VInTage fan!!!
We love old clothespins and the red scale was a must have!
Anyone thinking of organizing?
We are so excited to be a part of this creative outlet and we can not wait to see you in August at Elkhorn, WI...I will check in later with other finds...Stay cool!!! :)

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